Thursday, July 28, 2011

It has been an interesting day

                                          Took spontaneously while passing the train station 

I hope everyone has been meditating. Meditation is important for your growth because this is the ''how'' of it. Through this, energy flows into your no-thought-state of mind and into your body, you then are filled  with energy that feels exciting, refreshing, and light.

I feel I have grow 1 cm. Although I am not certain just yet, I'm reluctant to take out the measure tape, because I trust I will grow more. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reached a New Level

When I stopped for 15 minutes yesterday to practice T1;  I didn't realize there was even a higher level to reach in visualization. But there is.

Everything was speeding up - HGH was large glowing balls of gold - the back of my head felt physically light and yet slightly dizzy, as though my body became nothing, and my soul was outside physical ties - this level felt like an earthquake. As though I were in a roller coaster - and in this state, I felt humble yet capable of everything - that nothing was impossible.
Even when I opened my eyes after 15 minutes, and look about my room - the world was still moving - my room was shaking - very dizzy.

I'm not sure how to express what I've felt in any other way, but as I write this, I can still feel the effects of reaching this new level - and surprisingly, even after the session was finished yesterday at 4, I can still feel HGH being released right now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I hope everyone has been practicing T1, and has discovered that they can adjust the technique to meet their particular lives. I know some of you might be students, and the only time you have to do T1 is on the bus, the train, or as a passenger in a car, etc. Since when you get home, you have a lot to study for, and your agenda is constricted.

I have recently taken up Yoga, I do it in my room, and today would be the second session of doing Yoga so far. While I was practicing these exercise moves I felt energy reserves opening up all over my body, and it felt amazing. You can join a Yoga studio, but where I live they are too expensive and commuting there is too much of a hassle. (I didn't want to turn my happy growth journey to one of exhaustion)

I use a Yoga CD that I purchased while at the mall. I am certain you can get a yoga training CD/kit anywhere, near you locale Walmart for example.

I want to express how important it is to get your body moving, if you truly wish to grow taller, you should not hesitate to want to move your body - of course, one can grow simply through their mind without exercise. But you were given a body for a reason. I assure you, those who grow the fastest are ones that are doing Yoga, stretching exercises, etc. The main reason, is that exercise means you sweat, and sweat means you are releasing toxins from your body. Toxins which block energy. Energy which you need to grow.

One client of Dr. Laura De Giorgio grew 4 inches in 4 months, because he incorporated a Stretching Exercise routine in his life while listening to her hypnosis tracks.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Experience

(above is a photo I took while near the docks)

On June 25th I had to go to downtown Toronto, for an event held near Harbor Front. This meant that for the hour and a half ride there, I had to do something productive, since I didn't want to lose the moment of 'The Now' - so I decided to practice Technique One. The result of practicing T1 was incredible. 

It was busy on the bus, and at times I lost concentration and felt agitated - but I told myself, "let the feelings be, just observe them." And soon enough, I regained concentration and even attained a euphoric energy stream - that made me feel high and light.

As I continued to imagine HGH balls of red light (half way through visualizing, the color of HGH turned Gold), I started feeling an energetic stream running down my legs down my feet, up my legs, up my feet - through my fingers, all over my arms - there was tremendous movement - a type of movement which I have never felt before (only heard others speak of). The feeling of growth.

If I had not known before about this stage of experience (from other people growing through the power of their mind), I would have translated the energetic stream of movement inside my body as "Pain" but I know better thanks to them.

I wanted to call it 'Pain' because it made me feel uncomfortable, but soon I remembered,  I should accept the discomfort. Accepting the discomfort means increasing your threshold of flexibility. Once I accepted the discomfort it slowly decreased in intensity, and remained as a still current in the background through out the day. I knew once I accepted it, that growth will be from here on out, easy and effortless.

I've felt so much energy. I am patient in this pursuit, because real happiness is in the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you to the winds near the shore, thank you to the trees that give me breath.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Technique. Beginners.

This technique works every single time. If it doesn't work for you  - you are preventing it from working by blocking it with your thoughts.

To grow taller you need energy. You generate energy through meditation and visualization. Not through incessant thinking!
Before anything: you must watch this video:
Now for the technique:

1) Get this track

This track releases HGH from the Pituitary Gland inside your brain. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone - and this is what helps your grow taller. You need to get this track by using this or any video to MP3 site:

2) Learn about how the Pituitary Gland works.

3)  Transfer the track to your ipod, or what ever you use to listen with to do the first technique. Lie down on your bed in the dark and silence. Make sure you are not interrupted for 16 minutes. The track is about 15 minutes, and you need 1 minute to regain a smooth connection back to into this world after using this technique. While listening to this track do the following:

*Keep your conscious mind silent. Have no thoughts (about work, university, high school, friends, family) you will know why if you watch all 11 parts of 'How to Meditate'
*Listen carefully to the rhythm of the track, do not judge or criticize
*Every slow beat - the rhythm of the sound, is your pituitary gland releasing HGH
*Imagine with the beat of the song, HGH being released - imagination is everything
*Begin to say to yourself, what color is the HGH (for me its the color red), what do you feel?, Where do you feel it? Than after answering, go back into "no thought state"
*It is very important that you don't just feel like you're visualizing, but that you are the visualization, that you can feel it, sense it, seeing clearly the pituitary gland beating like a heart, with every beat a release of HGH occurs.

4) The track is 15 minutes. Do this everyday for 15 minutes uninterrupted; uninterrupted by either people(family) or thoughts(noise). Must be a solid 15 minutes of vivid visualization.

What happens to me when I do this technique:

I first imagine, while listening to the track, my pituitary gland is beating like my heart. I have my finger tips of both hands touching over my chest (optional), and I can feel my heart beat in unison with my pituitary gland. I imagine HGH, being the color red, releasing with every beat of the pituitary gland, and in unison with the rhythm of the track.  Quickly, I feel a cold wetness dripping down the back of my head, I feel the HGH making its way down my spine and being released into my bloodstream. I imagine vividly, as though I were a cell within my own body, my leg bones. And as the song plays, and the pituitary gland pumps HGH, I begin to see my bones reacting to the HGH. The HGH merges with my leg bones, arm bones, spine, feet, hands, and builds new length to the bones - increasing my height, healing any pain I might have inside my body.

After 15 minutes of this, I feel excited because I feel even though I haven't grown 5 inches yet in this world, I already have in what I call, "the unseen world" - the world of silence.
There have been times when the HGH release has been so strong that the dripping wetness I feel during the technique seem actual, that once I stopped my visualization to actually check to see if there was water on my pillow - there wasn't and this is the stage of realness you must reach.Vivid imagination!
Questions about this technique:

Q:But Layan, If I imagine everyday HGH being released from my Pituitary Gland, won't my body's resource of HGH run out? 

A: No! Your body is a superior design. Do not think of your body's resources the way you think of the Earth's natural resources: gold, silver, etc. These natural resources are limited and are not a reflection of your body. The true reflection of your body is the universe. The supply of HGH from your pituitary gland is infinite, abundant, like the universe. If you have a blurry idea of how vast the universe is, watch this:

Hello There

This blog is dedicated to prove to those around me how powerful one's pure soul really is. Our societies are unfortunately brainwashed by the media; the media teaches them they are incapable human beings who must rely on the external world - the material world, to reach happiness. Even those who claim to be religious are unknowingly uneducated in the holistic arts of the soul- the true, the pure, the infinite capabilities of the soul. Even when a human being hears about another human being achieving great success through the power of the inner pure mind, they view the others success the way they view a movie. As in, "I am here" and "they (the achievers) are there," incapable of grasping the idea that they too can be "there" - in the vortex of power.
One of the best teachers out there today that can help you step into Stillness is Eckhart Tolle. I advise you to read his book, "The Power of Now."
Project 10.0:
Project 10.0 is why I created this blog. It is my project starting from today, Thursday June 23 2011 and the Project ends June 23 2012. I want to prove to others the capabilities of their minds, but how can I do that if I just verbally claim to them how infinite their mind is? I must show them. One of my wants is to grow taller by 5 inches, I shifted that desire as a goal through this blog, labelled it Project 10.0, and this will be my proof to them. When a mind is focused - it can truly achieve anything - Thanks to the power of God, and God alone.

My height is currently 5' 1''
My goal height is 5'6''
To those around me, when they will see me taller, I don't need to show them anything else - as in, measuring tape number difference or doctor notes of height increase because they will see the change with their eyes.
But to you, reader, I must prove to you also and so I have to figure out a way to clearly show you how much I've grown. But you must trust me if I cannot find a way (since I do not want to display my photo on the internet for safety reasons). Trust me, I will not lie to you.

Now that I've introduced to you myself, and Project 10.0, I will illustrate to you in the coming posts my growing taller techniques.

- Salam (Peace Upon You)